The board of directors, officers and employees, of the First State Bank strive to provide the Decatur community and the surrounding area with quality financial services. The bank intends to accomplish this objective by focusing on the community’s needs and expectations.

The bank’s operations, products and services are designed to meet or exceed customer expectations. An independent community bank where management decisions are made by local directors and officers, is designed to provide the optimum level of personal customer service.

A loyal and strong customer base is the bank’s most important asset. We will strive to continue to improve the bank’s image in the community by providing quality financial products and services, thereby increasing customer relationships.

The bank will hire experienced officers and competent staff to preserve the safety and soundness of the bank’s assets and liabilities, as well as promoting positive relationships with customers and the community. Management will strive to achieve an operation, which will provide a prudent shareholder return. Employees are encouraged to participate in civic and community activities which promote customer goodwill.


124 S. Phelps Street
P.O. Box 5
Decatur, MI 49045


Phone Number
(269) 423-7014


24 Hour Telephone Banking
Toll Free
 (800) 291-3276


Fax Number
(269) 423-8851


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Lost or Stolen MasterCard Debit Cards

Call 269-423-7014 during regular business hours and after hours.